A Necessary Commonplace

by: Drousham Baloch 

Who is a Teacher?

It might seem a prevalent question but it is actually a thought generating one. Let us dig into the sustainable meaning of this word.

1.  A teacher educates students to assist them in achieving their goals
2.  A teacher turn out to be a mother or father when it is time to perform like one.
3.  A teacher cements the scattered blocks of stone and make a commodious path for his/her students.
4.  A teacher is not only a subject but an object without which the sentence is always incomplete.
5.  A teacher is an engine of the car, without which the car doesn't start. 
6.  A teacher is the one who encourages, support and ever ready to help the learners. 

Teachers are more inclined to regard students as active participants in the process of acquiring future but unfortunately the filth of people’s mind is mudded on such noble profession too.

The relation between a Teacher and a Student is as noble as parents and children but ill minded people can’t stop blaming or defaming.

A teacher don’t only demand respect from students, but from co-teachers as well. Before influencing students to respect their teachers, the faculty on higher position need to respect their junior teachers despite of discouraging them by negative statements.

It is becoming very common in the educational institutions that a teacher is disrespected, undermined, humiliated and surrounded by the virulent, pathological and contagious mentality of coworkers.

It is sheer clear that these are all strategies to demotivate and back off the change makers from surrounding ground just because they are panicked and frightened to lose their existing positions.

But, they must not fear for that because the democrats these days too are not obsessed with ridding the system of people who do not demand accountability or scrutiny, who do not want any variation and upgrade in 20 years old academic course outline, who do not want to take out students from the circle of dictatorship, who do not want practical exposure of students because they cannot see the sun of their authority sinking.

There is a huge outrage inside which is hard to talk about openly and so often is avoided but the system actually needs to face the real problems and draw outlines not on idealism but on desperation.

Before demonstrating students on RESPECTING TEACHERS, be the one to RESPECT YOUR Co-Teacher.

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