Our Students Need an Alternative!

By: Zaheer Ahmed Baloch 

Where were the rest of the male students who went along with Sangat Mahrang for the negotiation? Why she came alone? Where were others? Isn’t it that, that Rind Sardar’s behaviour did not trigger the rest of the boys because of their being male adjusted them in conversation with Parliamentarians. Maybe they did it unconsciously, but whatsoever has happened, these boys have defended patriarch-centred behaviour of Baloch Sardar. An organization which believes in progressive feminist politics should have a zero-tolerance policy towards patriarch-centred behaviour of the members. It isn’t possible to end slavery status of Baloch women until every single child of the nation has no been organised in the progressive camp.

All India Baloch Conference, back in 1920s and 1930s, demanded to end Sardar System, the system which inherits property rights for Baloch men only. YousafAziz Magsi along with others provided many points/agendas to end slavery of Baloch women in their time, but still after completion of whole century of Baloch nationalism, they’re afraid to accept the fact that there is internalised oppression of women. It isn’t about only Yar Muhammad Rind. Yesteryear when Seema succeeded to gather a huge crowd and then staged a protest, Lashkari Raisani came to adviced them to leave these political spheres for Baloch Mir and Mautbareens. Maybe he thought political sphere does not suit the dignity of Baloch women. It is a state of despair that nobdoy protested against him because somehow everybody categorised good and bad Sardars. However, when it is about women, almost majority of Baloch Sardars play the role of the watchmen of patriarchy.

We all must collectively demand that tribal heir/authority who have the right to decide about rights and wrong of nation should be handed over to Baloch women. Why? Because from a decade our male sardars have failed to safeguard Baloch nationalism and on the other hand, Baloch women have defended Baloch nationalism in the darkest of times. Keeping the historic track of things in mind the right to decide about the future of nation should be given to Baloch women. The traditional/tribal approach of Baloch nationalism is on death bed and it needs to be revised accordingly to the progressive values. Hence the protest against systematic discrimination is necessary and we know it will hurt many around us but this is the only way.

Why we always expect and demand from Baloch feminists to talk about Baloch women? Perhaps, we’re ashamed to accept the fact that Sabeen mehmood , is only feminist honoured as none-baloch martyr of Balochistan. She was feminist who sacrificed her life in the struggle for democratic rights of Baloch people. Where are Baloch feminists? Do we have any? Looking at hundred years of main stream Baloch resistance we have only two or three female names from recent struggle to praise. Only solution and alternative to it is Baloch Aurat-Raaj achieved through a collective effort.

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