Corona Crises- It’s Implications

By: Qadeer Hassani Baloch

In early 2020, the Corona virus appeared in China, causing widespread destruction. More than 80,000 people were infected with the Corona virus. The outbreak killed close to 35,00 more or less people, whereas about 67,000 infected people, recovered from it. After China, the outbreak began to spread to other countries of the world where thousands were badly affected. After China, the outbreak hit Iran the most. In Iran, the death ratio from the Corona virus began higher and higher. Even today, Iran is appealing to the United States to end its sanctions so that it can curb the Corona epidemic. Until now, the outbreak has spread to more than 150 countries, and it has devastated most parts of Italy. In Italy, day-to-day mortality and victims are increasing. It is said that due to the Corona virus daily, one person is dying every 3 minutes in Italy and every 10 minutes in Iran.

It is a global epidemic and any country can be affected by it. The first case of the Corona virus was reported in Sindh province of Pakistan in early March, which was later sent to the Agha Khan Hospital for treatment. After Sindh, a corona virus case reported in Balochistan and gradually the number of cases increased. In Balochistan cases appeard due to people coming from Taftan border. Due to the Non_seriousness of the government, many people entered different areas of Balochistan without any test. God knows how many of them were infected with the Corona virus!

When Corona cases reported in Iran, the government was informed to take the matter seriously. From the beginning, the government was aware of the Corona cases. The government also knew that thousands of people from Balochistan are doing business here at taftan border. The government did not take this issue seriously. Even a Balochistan government minister said that the epidemic is not as much dangerous as we fear. One can guess how serious the government was in this matter. If the challenge was taken seriously from the beginning, it would not have been so devastating. Everyone was shouting that if the government did not take the epidemic seriously, it would bring devastation in Balochistan, and other provinces as well.

Apart from the instability of the Balochistan government and its poor performance so far, the common people also mocked the corona virus. From the first day when the outbreak in China spread, the World Health Organization warned that it is still a dangerous and incurable disease. So the only way to be protected from it is to take precautionary measures until the vaccine is ready. People were told that social distance is a great way to protect themselves from the disease, but people still sit in hotels in large crowds or attend large gatherings at weddings. The World Health Organization warned people that it spreads by hand shaking, so refrain from shaking hands, but people are still shaking hands and hugging each other. Similarly in Italy, the outbreak was not taken seriously, and when people came to consciousness it was too late, and now it is very difficult to control it. The way we are behaving and the way we are acting, the way we are showing less seriousness, like Italy we will soon pay for it. Soon our situation will be like Italy or even worse than Italy.

Corona virus, cases are getting more and more frequent every day, and the government of Balochistan and the federal government have indicated that if the people do not cooperate or the risk of cases increase, we will go to the lockdown. The government of Balochistan has to think that the poverty rate has crossed the figures of 60% and there are about 52% people who suffer from nutrition. Most of the People’s livelihood is based on small businesses or wages. Even if the government moves to Lockdown, the government will have to ensure the supply of food items to every household that relies solely on wages or small businesses.

There are some areas of balochistan which are the strongholds of business and where thousands of people come and go for business on daily bases. In those areas the spread of corona virus is at high risk. Balochistan’s government and specially, health department needs to pay special attention in those areas. Emergency has to be implemented in the hospitals so that if a sudden case is reported, it can be treated at an early stage. Moreover, if possible, isolated wards should also be set up so that anyone who suffers from Corona should be kept in the ward.

District administrators should create awareness teams to teach people the best ways to protect themselves from this disease. Teams should teach people the right way to wear a mask, the right way to wash their hands. Further, the district administration should stop people from unnecessary gatherings and encourage people to stay in their homes as far as possible.

Internet is the only way to be aware of anything. Even today, the internet is not available in most areas of Balochistan, which is why many people are unaware of the outbreak and they believe only on rumors. People don’t even know what the actual precautionary measures are. Provincial and federal governments need to take this issue seriously and restore the Internet as soon as possible so that people can receive positive news.

Currently millions of people are getting wrapped up in it, and cases are increasing rapidly on a daily basis. No vaccine has been developed for it yet. The best way to stay safe from this worry is to take precautions. Stop shaking hands, just greeting (pay a salam) from a distance. Spend more time at home and read books to make your time valuable. Keep social distance. If you are going to a wedding or any gathering you should sit at least one meter away. Eat more vegetables and fruits to improve and strengthen your immune system. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and repeat this process at least 6 times a day . So far, these are just some precautions that can be taken to be prevented from this virus. We need to take these steps to create a healthy society.

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